Hello! My name is Sungwhan Park, and I am majoring in Food Science with a business emphasis as an international student at the University of Georgia. I am really excited to participate in the 2015 Cortona Italy Study Abroad program, especially the Viticulture and Enology program. The purpose of this trip is to study wine, such as the science of wine production, plant pathology, and horticultural aspects of wine, and the economic significance of wine.  Italian wine is known as a high quality wine because Italy has a great weather for producing grapes and has special techniques for producing high quality wines. I look forward to tasting, learning, and experiencing Italian wine.

If the Cortona Viticulture and Enology is your first experience of traveling outside of your country, you might worry about so many things, such as language, food, culture, new people, and new places. And then, you are scared of everything and stressed out. At this point, I would like to say ‘Do not be scared of going outside of your country.’ It is just the beginning of another wonderful chapter in your life journey. You will learn many other things besides wine.  I will tell what I have learned from my traveling and study abroad experiences. So far, I have traveled nineteen countries in the world: six countries in Europe, one country in South America, one country in North America, and eleven countries in Asia. Through my traveling and study abroad experience, I have learned how to respect their culture, how to understand their culture, and how to adapt to their life styles during the traveling or study abroad. These things will expand your personal perspectives more widely and lead you to being a global citizen.

One more thing I would like to recommend before going to Italy is watching a documentary, ‘Somm.’ This documentary is about four Master Sommelier candidates who are most dedicated to wine and becoming Master Sommeliers. It will give you brief knowledge about wine and wine experts.

I am ready to start my wonderful new chapter in my life journey!