Actually, I think I have two problems.

1. I might be addicted to coffee. Seriously.

2. It’s going to be very, very hard for them to convince me to leave this amazing place.

My time in Costa Rica so far, a mere 5 days, has been incredible. Every single person we’ve met is so welcoming and generous, and immediately treats us like they’ve known us for years. So far we’ve toured 5 coffee farms, and each one has been a different experience. I’ve managed to buy coffee from each farm for my dad and I to try – we’re going to have a coffee tasting at Christmas! The language barrier hasn’t been too terrible, but that’s probably because we’ve had translators. The actual UGA Costa Rica campus is amazing! Just like the rest of Costa Rica, there are beautiful views everywhere you turn. The staff is especially nice – I’ve met some naturalists that just got here, and some that are on the way out. It has been very interesting to hear the differetnt jobs they’ve had and what they really learned here. It’s definitely convincing me to apply and come back to actually work here!

Yesterday, Wednesday the 27th, has been my favorite day by far. We started out the day by ziplining up in the cloud forest, which was a surreal experience. You would watch people who zip lined ahead of you, and they just kind of disappeared into a wall of cloud. After that the group went into Santa Elena, a small town about 15 minutes away from the UGA campus. While some of the people went and toured the town, myself and 5 others went bungee jumping.  IT WAS AMAZING. The one we went on is the tallest in Latin America – 470 feet! After riding what’s essentially a ski lift out into the middle of a ravine, they hook you in, count to 5, and you jump. The feeling of falling is indescribable – you feel weightless, like your floating. Then the bungee cord catches, and you bounce up and down. The scenery was amazing, which made the jump that much better! The only regret I have is that I closed my eyes on the initial jump/fall – but hey, that just gives me another reason to do it again!

Tonight we’re having Thanksgiving dinner, which I helped bake pies for. Can’t wait to eat that! I’m sad I’m not with my family, but I also can’t believe the fantastic experience and opportunities I’ve had. Please, don’t make me leave!!