My biggest fear about going to Costa Rica is probably getting lost or separated from the group in somewhere, or getting hurt and not being able to translate English to Spanish. Luckily, UGA costa rica has a naturalist and always has someone who fluently speaks English at our side. Plus the TA is pretty fluent as well.

To prepare for this trip I haven’t done much, it is hard to do things during the semester, especially close to finals. I pretty much just bought an extra rain jacket and some quick dry clothes for the weather, and a lot of ziplock bags to keep things dry. I also have spent a lot of time with my family as I will miss a big family holiday, Thanksgiving.


I chose Costa Rica basically because I had no other choice in my academics if I wanted to graduate on time; however, it will probably be one of the best and most exciting things I was every forced into. The culture is very family oriented and sustainability is highly popular. I am receiving 2 course credits for FDST.