The classes are different because they are smaller and in a cabin, with a lot of creepy bugs. However, Dr. Pegg is a great and interesting lecturer. The campus is very large and the hiking trails are  enjoyable for early morning or midnight hikes. It is interesting to see how different life is here in Costa Rica when compared to USA. The people here seem a lot less stressed and live a more simple life, and really only have acquired knowledge on the crops they grow.


I really enjoyed the ziplining! It was an amazing adventure to have with everyone, and the best part was that this year EVERYONE really did go and it was AWESOME! All of the coffee farms are really interesting and its fun to be able to taste everyone’s different roast/art of coffee and see which one you prefer. The hiking trails are really fun to go on… you never know what you might see( snake, monkeys, sloths!)

A major challenge was trying to do school work while in costa rica. You really are going all day and have no real free time, so get your school work done before leaving the country. Also the language barrier is hard to get past, and occasionally the rain is annoying if you have to stand in it for a few hours, but luckily you are never alone!

The worst meal I have had in Costa Rica was Mcdonalds. Besides that every other meal has been delicious! And don’t worry about getting sick because it is not a problem here. One restaurant/fish farm we went to had a soccer field in the back and a good group of us had a BLAST playing soccer and Frisbee! It was great to run around and play a fun game without anyone getting overly competitive( because really none of us were rock stars).

I am really excited for thanksgiving dinner. After experiencing everything I have, there are SO many things I am thankful for. This trip is truly a blessing, and memories you make are truly gifts you’ll be thankful for for the rest of your life.