This trip is about half way through and I am already sad about having to leave so soon.  I have loved every seconds of being here!  This place is absolutely gorgeous and the people here are so sweet.   My favorite part of the trip thus far is the spontaneous thing a few of us did yesterday.  We randomly decided to go bungee jumping… talk about a life experience.  If you’ve ever wanted to test yourself, go try it.  I was pretty terrified but I didn’t hesitate and dove off the 500 foot cart in the middle of a valley.  Those few seconds were so fast and so slow at the same time.   I felt like everything was in slow motion but within three seconds it was over.  Everyone who committed to going did in fact go.  I was surprised that no one chickened out at the last second.  I guess it wouldn’t have mattered because they apparently push you if you don’t jump after their count down.  This is something I recommend doing if you’ve ever thought about it.  I truly learned that life is about the jump and not the fall.  This experience showed me that having faith in yourself too jump off that ledge is a big deal.  I am very surprised and impressed with myself and all my companions who did it with me.  We now have plans to go again when we get back to the states.  I’ve learned many things about coffee on this trip, but this tops the charts for me.  This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m glad I too advantage of that!