It was only been about a day since I have been home. Actually I really haven’t been to my real home yet. I took a shuttle from Atlanta back to Athens and that’s where I will be for about a week until I finally get to go back to Louisiana and see my family. So really I haven’t been able to experience “home” yet. But for now I feel pretty rested. I am starting to crack into all the work I need to do before driving back home and so it feels nice to start going through my checklist. I haven’t had the opportunity to share my experiences with my family yet but I have been able to talk with a couple of my roommates about my travels. When I was on the trip, I saw so many monuments and gardens, and I thought to myself “how am I going to remember all of these”.  The craziest thing to me was that when I showed my roommate my pictures, I was able to explain them all! So much of the information from this trip I was able to absorb probably because it was a different style of learning! I really got to experience the things we were learning about instead of looking at it on a powerpoint! Although I am very excited to be back, I still look back and remember how much fun I was having just a few days ago! The two classes that I took have opened my eyes to different studies in the world but my track is still headed towards something to do with medicine. I just got back my MCAT score and am working on my applications for medical school so now I am super busy with applications and I don’t have too much to sit around. I need to find volunteer work for the summer back home and so my adventure time is over and its back to the real world. I am glad that my summer work out like this however! I would rather be super busy with different things than be sitting on the couch trying to figure out what to do. So for now it is fun to reflect on the trip and tell stories but in the next couple of days it will be go time for my future plans. Medical school is pressing and I need to work really hard to make sure I have everything together! I have a lot of work ahead and that is probably my next step. But I know for a fact that sometime in the future I will be returning the places I studied this semester and I will once again enjoy my time there!