Living life on the road! I’m currently on my way to Ireland. We’ve been traveling non-stop from Italy to France to England to Scotland and now our last stop Ireland. So far my favorite place has been Scotland. Edinburgh was somehow the perfect mix of quaint and a buzzing city. We went hiking up a mountain on our free day there and it was probably one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been. Navigating through Rome and Paris were a little tricky at first by using the metro train but by the time we got to London we had it down pat. The language barriers in Rome and Paris were a bit challenging at times also because I had no background in either language. But most of the locals are easygoing about it and try to teach you how to speak for fun. We only have a few days left on this trip and I’m not excited to go home. I love everyone on the trip and teachers so much. It’ll be weird without them when I get back to the states.