The internet in the dorms in Cortona is AWFUL. So I’m going to pretend I’m reflecting during the trip.

The days are long.  I wake up at 7:30am everyday.  I share a bathroom with 6 other girls.  One mirror between 7 girls gets interesting.  We have breakfast provided.  It consists of yogurt, crusty rolls, Italian cheeses and meats, cereal, coffee, and tea.  If you love scrambled eggs and bacon, you’ll be truly missing it for the month.  Italy is certainly worth missing out on a hot breakfast though.  We sit in lecture from 8:30-12:00 every day.  We’re then free for lunch and whatever else we want to do until 3:00.  Typically we would either cook some fresh pasta and vegetables in the kitchen or walk down to town and buy some cheap slices of pizza and sit on the steps.  Some people nap during this time, but I just wanted to do as much as possible everyday.  At 3:00 on most days, we were expected to be back in the classroom.  We would have about an hour long lecture, then walk upstairs to lab.  This is the best lab I’ve ever had at UGA.  Wine tasting.  We would taste four wines, and sample certain foods that were paired with these.  Each student presented one wine and we’re expected to record notes in our journal that will be graded at the end of the semester.  This would occur until around 5 or 5:30.  We were then free until dinner at Tonino’s at 7:30.  This is the most intense daily schedule I think I have ever had.  However, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We had a few field trips visiting vineyards and other towns.  Italy is a remarkable place, there is so much history everywhere you go.