Postdoctoral Scientists and Staff

Jordan Croy

Jordan is broadly interested in how climate change will affect multi-trophic food webs in agroecosystems. He is exploring how drought affects niche overlap among arthropod predators, and how this overlap in turn influences top-down control of crop pests. Click here to learn more.

Pedro Augusto Da Pos Rodrigues

Pedro is our amazing research professional! He is an expert in gut microbiomes, particularly those of ants, and other molecular techniques. He collaborates with many people in lab on their projects.

Scott Clem

Scott is broadly interested in ecology, behavior, conservation, and taxonomy of beneficial insects. His current project in the Snyder lab involves examining continental-scale population genomics of hover flies (Syrphidae). Click here to learn more

Postdoc Alumni

Mike Crossley (2019-2021)

Mike was interested in the ecology and evolution of how herbivores transition from being friendly, benign natives to damaging crop pests.

Amanda Meier (2018-2021)

Amanda was interested in links between soil bacteria and fungi and plants’ ability to defend themselves against herbivores.

Zhen “Daisy” Fu

Zhen “Daisy” Fu

Daisy led research in a broad range of areas, including microbial community ecology, the molecular basis of plant defense, and insect/nematode population genetics.

Carmen Blubaugh

Carmen Blubaugh (2015-2017)

Carmen examined interrelations among soil quality, plants’ ability to defend themselves against herbivore attack, and biological control. more.

Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips (2013-2014)

Chris studied how biological control communities develop through time on organic farms. He now is an Assistant Professor of Entomology at the University of Minnesota.

Emily Jones

Emily Jones (2012-2013)

Emily worked at the interface between evolution and biodiversity-ecosystem function. She now is an editor at Nature Communicationsmore

David Crowder

David Crowder (2009-2012)

Dave examined the importance of evenness, an often overlooked component of biodiversity. He stayed in the Entomology Department at WSU where he is an Associate Professor.

Randa Jabbour

Randa Jabbour  (2009-2010)

Randa studied the importance of entomopathogen biodiversity for natural pest control. Randa is an Assistant Professor of Agroecology at the University of Wyoming.

Deborah Finke (2006-2007)

Debbie examined how consumer niche breadth mediates the relationship between predator diversity and biocontrol. She now is an Associate Professor in Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri.

Gary Chang

Gary Chang (2003-2005)

Gary studied predator communities on potato farms. He is an Associate Professor of Biology at Gonzaga University. more