A big-eyed bug eating insect eggs,
A student with an aerial net walking through a field.
Undergraduate students spelling the word "BUG" with lights,

Welcome to the Snyder Lab!

We are a diverse group of ecologists, joined by our common interest in finding natural solutions to problems in species conservation, sustainable agriculture, and human health. Ecological problem-solving can be a particularly powerful way to uncover basic knowledge about species interactions, and all of our work contributes to a fundamental understanding of how ecosystems function. Our goal is to reduce the conflict between species conservation and feeding a growing human population. In fact, we find that restoring and maintaining natural biodiversity is often the key to managing pests while providing safe and healthy food.

Field work, often on the farms of collaborating growers or in nearby natural areas, is a key part of every project in the laboratory. Our research focuses on organisms ranging from wild birds, to predatory insects, to soil microbes. Several newer projects examine the ecology of natural enemy movement. Our new molecular lab is helping us dive headfirst into the world of eco-genomics, while some lab members add statistical, modeling, or GIS components to their projects.

Join us! We are always interested in adding new lab members to join one of our ongoing projects, or to explore new areas. You can see our existing projects here, or contact Bill at wesnyder@uga.edu.

A bumble bee pollinating a flower.
A spider eating a leafhopper.
A student with an aerial net collecting insects.