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Many past lab members have gone on to faculty positions at major research universities or at smaller liberal arts schools. Others are working for government agencies or for crop consulting companies . Most research projects in the lab include both fundamental research that contributes to basic knowledge in ecology, and applied aspects that solve environmental problems for farmers and society more generally.

My core goal as an advisor is to help each student match their graduate program to their specific intellectual and career interests. Most research projects involve interdisciplinary teams, and bring together a combination of experimental work in the field (often on the farms of cooperating farmers) and molecular or theoretical work in the lab. There are ample opportunities to participate in teaching, outreach to the public, and grant writing.

I am always looking for new lab members. Some folks bring entirely new ideas into the laboratory, while others work on existing projects (Research).  Please get in touch with Bill ( to discuss undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral research opportunities in my lab. We have consistently been well-funded by my research grants, but lab members also are encouraged to pursue grants from NSF or USDA to expand their research into new and exciting directions. Indeed, many past graduate students in my laboratory have had a major federal grant funded by the time they graduate.

New Lab Opportunities:

PhD students, molecular ecology. I am looking for PhD students to examine molecular aspects of predator-prey interactions, and/or pathogen transmission by songbirds and insects, in agroecosystems. To apply send CV and statement of interest to Bill Snyder (