Snyder Lab Facilities

The interior of our lab, with a full bench and big windows.

We have a fully functional molecular lab, with thermocyclers, thermomixers, Qubit fluorometer, gel imager, and lyophilizer. We also have access to a KingFisher system and numerous autoclaves for sterilizing equipment and samples.

Our lab has a full bench of microscopes for taxonomic work, and our department has a shared Keyence VHX-7000 digital microscope available for use.

UGA Facilities

Students working outside at the UGArden.

UGA has two satellite campuses–one in Griffon, one in Tifton–that have university-associated facilities and farms students can use for research. In Athens, the Durham Horticulture Farm and Entomology Greenhouse are available for student projects. The organic, student community UGArden as well as other nearby UGA farms allow field sampling as well.

UGA also houses the Genomics and Bioinformatics Core and GACRC computer cluster as well as other lab facilities for complex molecular work.