One of our adventures was to Belgium, where we visited Antwerp, Bruges, and Brussels. Antwerp was amazing because of the architecture and old castles that surrounded the city center. I even got to have an infamous Belgian waffle. It was interesting because it was a savory waffle, with bacon cheese, and lettuce. I loved it! In Bruges, we took a canal cruise, which was a dream! Bruges felt like a fairytale place, and it was defiantly a top of the entire trip! I cannot wait to return to this beautiful city to continue exploring it. This was because I had an amazing meal of mussels, and I followed it with some world-famous Belgian chocolate! There was also an island full of large, white swans! It was so cool to see such gorgeous creatures in real life. In Brussels, we even got to have a chocolate making workshop. Here, we made pralines, hot chocolate, and our own chocolate shapes. It was such a cool (and yummy) experience! I have attached images of me making my very own chocolate shells. We were able to fill them with nuts, flavorings, and anything else we wanted. It was some of the tastiest chocolate I have ever had!