The Uruguayan Study Abroad’ s host, Bruno, loved to say, “we are tough people, with tender hearts.” To the best of my memory, that was one of the very first things he had said to me–and it really stuck. I thought about that everyday of the trip, and I saw countless examples. The resiliency of the agricultural producers and researchers was awe inspiring. I truly had never seen a tougher group of people, nor a happier group. Seeing this each and everyday stuck with me, and it was something I committed to bringing back home. The miniscule problems that inconvenience us in the United States started to seem just that, MINISCULE. This new perspective has truly made my life better, and I reflect on it each time I drink my prized yerba mate. I have been able to strengthen my relationships with my Uruguayan brothers through mate as well. I talk with our host and his colleges at INIA (National Agricultural Research Institute of Uruguay) semi-frequently. Our bus driver, Jorge, though I talk with almost weekly. To me, he is one of the most honest, hardworking, and caring people on the face of the Earth. Of all the great memories I made in Uruguay, meeting him was the best one! I miss the country dearly and my life has only been made better for going. I cannot wait to return soon!