I was able to spend two weeks in another country and experience all new things. This was my first time out of the country let alone the first time I was away from my family for more than a few days. As I was getting prepared to leave, packing driving to the airport, and going through customs, I had butterflies in my stomach the entire time. As I hugged everybody getting out of the car walking to security all I could wander was if I made the right decision to go abroad. I thought this trip was right in my desired career path. I want to become an agriculture education teacher, so this trip combined teaching and agriculture, it was perfect in my head. I only really knew one person out of the 14 that went. By the time we boarded the plan we had all reintroduced ourselves to one another and joked about our trip. All my nerves seemed to be gone. It was like everyone was nervous and we were trying to make it seem better. Eight and some odd hours later we landed in London and dropped our bags off and started exploring. By this point it had all seemed as we knew each other for a while. This very much so helped ease my nerves and it was like I never knew why I was nervous to begin with. Fast forward to the start of our second week. Those feelings began to creep back up, the homesickness, the wanting to see my family. I had been able to talk to them almost every day, but it still was not the same. 

We had finished all our teaching and we were beginning to start traveling. The next few days the same thing happened just like the first week, but once we started seeing all the amazing things in Scotland, it was as if all the homesickness faded away. By the end of the two weeks, I was beyond ready to see my family, be home, and sleep in my own bed, but I do not regret the trip at all. This trip made me be certain I want to become an agriculture education teacher. I loved the teaching, I loved the interacting with students, and learning about the culture in another country. I had the most amazing two weeks, became friends with amazing people, and saw the most amazing things. If you have the opportunity to go abroad and have any doubt in your mind, DO IT! It is well worth it and all the nerves and homesickness does go away.