We began our study abroad journey at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where we boarded our nine-hour flight to London, England. In London, we walked a lot, but for the most part, we learned to read and navigate the subway. I personally enjoyed the subway, and I think that it is an efficient way to get across a busy town. The next morning, we boarded a train to Carlisle, Scotland, where we exited and then boarded a charter bus to Dumfries. In Dumfries, we traveled mostly by foot or by a university bus. After Dumfries, we traveled to Glasgow by train and then to the Scottish Highlands by a private coach and explored the Isle of Skye.

We toured Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness and rode into Inverness by ferry boat. From Inverness to Edinburgh, we traveled with the private coach one last time. In Edinburgh, we explored the capital city of Scotland on foot. The next morning, we traveled by train back to London. We again navigated the city of London on foot and via the subway, also known as the tube.

As we were ending our study abroad, we headed to the subway to board an hour-long train ride to the airport. We were supposed to get on the subway and ride for about an hour to the airport terminal. As we waited for the subway, confusion started to develop as no trains were en route to the airport. We were informed that some construction was being done on the tracks. After a slight panic, we had to swiftly think on our feet and determine the best course of action to get home. After a few subway stops, we were able to purchase tickets and board a train directly to our terminal. We were able to overcome the challenge and successfully make it back home safely.