Exploring the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands was by far one of my favorite experiences of our study abroad program. Dr. Rubenstein had told us while preparing for our trip that the Isle of Skye is one of the most picturesque places in the world, so naturally I looked up some pictures of it before leaving from Glasgow. The pictures I had seen of the Isle of Skye were very beautiful, but I hadn’t realized before getting there just how vast the picturesque landscape was. The mountains there were massive and much larger than any I had ever seen before, the cliffs at the coast had tremendous drop offs, and the waterfalls carved lines into the slopes. It was really an environment that you could only picture from being there because pictures online don’t do it enough justice. We had pretty decent weather during our time there. It did rain off and on, which we expected, but what we didn’t expect was for it to be chilly and windy. You would think in the middle of June that it would be relatively warm, but in the location we were at, I was wearing a shirt, a hoodie, a raincoat, and long pants. I was still cold. However, being a bit chilly and wet was worth being able to see what we saw. We were also able to see hundreds of sheep and some Scottish Highland cows, or “coos” as the locals called them. It was really interesting to see as many sheep as we did. Often times we would see sheep roaming and grazing the mountain sides. No fences, no farms, no houses would be in sight sometimes, yet the sheep were still managing to survive. We also learned that there are not any natural predators to sheep in the Scotland. In fact, the most dangerous animal to a sheep there is a dog, which I thought was interesting since we have all sorts of predators like coyote and fox in Georgia. All together, exploring the  Isle of Skye was definitely an experience to remember.