When arriving back in London towards the end of our study abroad program, we had the opportunity to explore places in the capital city in small groups. Since I was staying longer after our study abroad to do some solo traveling in Europe, I was excited to see how well I navigated a big city and public transportation systems since it was what I would be doing on my own. Navigating the public transportation systems, especially the Underground (subway), was what I was most apprehensive about. Before this trip, I had maybe used public transportation enough times in my life to count on one hand. There isn’t much public transportation where I grew up nor have I ever absolutely needed to use it, so I was excited to test my abilities using it in a big city like London. I found that it was actually pretty easy to navigate the subway systems, and we visited several places on our own like Big Ben, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Abbey Road, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum. The day we got to explore London wasn’t just about seeing various locations I wanted to see but also improving my confidence as a traveller. On my extended trip, I planned to see 6 new countries and 13 different cities while using primarily public transportation. I am actually currently writing this journal in my ninth stop, Rome, Italy. I have only 12 days left of my extended trip, and I can already say that I am a much more confident traveller than I was before that day by ourselves in London and before going on my study abroad program. Spending time in the United Kingdom and in the other 4 countries I’ve already visited has not only improved my confidence in getting from place to place, but it has also improved my adaptability to roll with the punches and my contentment in interacting with new groups of people.