The experience of being able to teach elementary school kids in enough counties was like nothing else. All 15 of the UGA students were divided in groups and each group was given a topic that they were to teach to the students. My group had the opportunity to teach sound which turned out to be the most popular topic. There were seven chances for each group to teach their lesson over the three days at the school and my group taught all seven times. Overall, the teaching part of the trip went exceedingly well. Our very first-time teaching was pretty rough because we were so nervous, and we were trying to find our way, but after that it went very smoothly. We did have to make a few adjustments to our lesson when we taught the older kids because they already knew so much and could handle the extra material. The students were so smart and absorbed everything we gave them. If I had known that beforehand, I believe I would have prepared for the students to already know some of the material and been more prepared to step the lesson up to their level. Also, while at the school, we were able to eat with students and the cafeteria food was great. We were able to have conversations with the kids and they were able to talk to us about random stuff which they really enjoyed. My advice for students going on this trip in the future is to have engaging activities for the students to participate in during the class. If you are able to tie the lesson to an activity it makes the students understand and stay engaged. I would also strongly encourage trying the tea during break time. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it basically tasted like sweet tea hot too hot.