While planning my travels, I was a mixture of emotions. I had concerns about what I needed to pack, about what I needed to wear, and about how covid-19 might affect our trip. However, no matter the concern, I had an enormous amount of excitement for the experiences I was about to have.

The most difficult thing to do in preparation for this trip was packing. I had to pack light enough to leave enough room for all the souvenirs I planned to bring for my family. I still had to bring everything I could possibly need during the trip. With increasing covid-19 cases in Atlanta before leaving, I wanted to be ready for any possible symptoms or illnesses that could happen during our travels. I packed my travel size hand sanitizer and medications for fever, stomach pains or any other possible necessities. Thankfully, I only used my hand sanitizer during this trip. What helped me pack the most was the itinerary. Knowing the places we were visiting and the planned activities allowed me to plan the appropriate outfit for each day. Finally, I had a lot of space when I finished packing for souvenirs. However, with so many souvenirs I bought, I still had to buy an extra bag while in Uruguay.

With my main concerns under control and the travel day approaching, my excitement continued to grow. I was excited to visit the tourist sites as well as the farms, but I was most excited about meeting the people of Uruguay. When Dr. Stelzleni told us about some of the farmers we were going to meet, especially when he told us about possibly riding Jose’s horses at El Paraiso, my expectations and excitement for the trip were very high. Upon landing, Bruno immediately welcomed us with hugs and kisses. Spending my time with the farmers and truly sitting down to converse with them surpassed all of my expectations for this trip. Everyone welcomed us and helped us understand their way of life and culture. I hope to visit them again.