So far the highlight of my week has been our visit to El Paraíso farm! El Paraíso is a family farm founded by Ms. Julia Ortiz and is now managed by her son José Gayo and his family. To begin our visit on the farm, Mr. José gave us a breif presentation about his farm including livestock managment, nutrition tools for the livestock, rice production and the farms’ yearly profit. To give us a better glimpse at all 9.987 acres of his farm, Mr. José gave us a tour around the property.

We first visited the rice fields which looked like a portrait out of Better Homes & Gardens magazine. The rice seemed to spread across the land for miles and miles away. Mr. José informed us that the rice in his field would be enough rice to feed a family for 100 years. Next, we traveled to La Chiva, the main river that runs throughout Treinta y Tres. Lastly, Mr. José let us admire his heifers while horsebak riding. This was a first time experience for me! While approaching the horse I tried to remain as calm as possible thinking that the horse would run away if it sensed any ounce of fear inside of me. Yet, my calm behavior went right out of the door after I climbed on top of the horse and she immediately started running backwards. Little to my knowledge did I know that the reigns in my hand signified commands for the horse to follow. After, learning the commands I felt like a pro.

After horsebackriding through the property, we enjoyed a meal of lamb, rice, bloody sausage, and dessert with Mr. José, his wife, and Golden Retriever. With a full moon in the sky, the night was filled with fun and laughter. An experience that I will definitely treasure forever.