I decided to go on this trip mainly since it was youth engagement in agriculture, and I am an agricultural education major. I also am friends with someone that went last year and it seemed like a really cool experience. When it was time to apply for the trip, I had just transferred to UGA and didn’t know very many people. At first, I was a little hesitant to apply for the trip because I wasn’t sure how I felt about traveling to another country with people I didn’t know. Three other students at the Tifton campus also decided to apply and I honestly think it was the best decision I made. The students on the trip were extremely excepting and kind and I felt completely comfortable traveling across the ocean with these people. Dr. Rubenstein and Dr. Peake were also very helpful in preparation before the trip and making sure we were all okay while on the trip with all the craziness. If I had any advice for someone unsure about going on a study abroad trip it would be, definitely do it! Don’t give it a second thought! There are plenty of chances to receive scholarships to cover the costs and you don’t get an opportunity like this every day. I would also recommend packing lightly and be prepared to bring back souvenirs. After a while hiking bookbags we packed in got heavy, but it wasn’t unbearable, especially with the hip strap. I didn’t leave enough extra room in my bag and had to buy a small bookbag to bring all my family members something back. Also, ask as many questions as possible or you will regret it later if you don’t. We worked with the students at the University of Glasgow and they were willing to answer any question that popped into my head regardless of how stupid it may seem. Also, souvenirs are really hard to find in Dumfries, but the Welcome Center has the best selection.