These were three of my favorite birds we got to see on the trip, as well as three of my favorite pictures taken. The first picture is of a golden hooded tanager. They have twelve different colored feathers. It’s not necessarily a rare bird but it is definitely beautiful. The second picture is of an Agami Heron, which is probably my second favorite bird we saw on the whole trip. It was the rarest bird we saw on the rip, so rare that the boat driver, who lived in the town, was taking pictures of the bird. The only reason the Agami Heron is not my favorite bird is that we also saw a Quetzal when we were staying in Monteverde a few days earlier. The Quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala, but they no longer have a population of them so people now travel specifically to Monteverde to see them. I had made a list of birds I wanted to see on the trip and the Agami Heron didn’t make it but the Quetzal did. That is why the Quetzal is my favorite bird over the Agami Heron. The final picture is of a Broad billed Motmot. We saw motmots all over the place, specifically the turquoise browed motmot. However, this was the only Broad-billed motmot we got to see. It was actually on the side of the road; our guide spotted it from the bus and we immediately stopped on the side of the road. He thought it was a today motmot at first, which we had spent the last hour before getting back on the bus looking for but were unable to find. Although it Wass not the today motmot, another rare bird we were looking for, it was still a new species. I especially like this picot because it was taken in the moment and it is a great picture of the bird.