For this study abroad it is very important that you keep up with your journals throughout the trip. Journals are not only a requirement for the course, but they also will help you reflect on your trip later in life. You would be surprised about how many experiences you can forget in even a short amount of time. As soon as you can, always take the time to write down the experiences you have had. It is good to write down all of the places you went along with your thoughts and feelings about it. Journals make a great keepsake, and later you can add photos you took or attach tickets from places you went. I even pressed flowers from the different places I went to add to mine. Everywhere I went I kept a small notebook on me so that I could jot down things I learned, saw or even heard. One of my favorite moments on this trip was when we heard a choir practicing while we were having lecture in the courtyard of a historical church. As we heard the beautiful music, I made a note of it in my journal. It was such a peaceful moment, and its one that I hope I always remember. This is something that I can see myself reflecting on years down the road and reminiscing this sweet memory. I look forward to reading my journal later in life and sharing my experiences with friends and family. I have never kept a trip journal before, but it is something that I would like to continue to do as I travel to new places. I plan to keep travelling throughout my life, so keeping journals of each place will be an awesome way to reflect on my experiences and the things I learned along the way.