If you are interested in a study abroad trip, specifically The Grand Tour, here are a few tips!

  1. First off, pack light. Bring layering items. When we arrived in Rome, it was pretty warm outside. By the time we made it to Ireland, it was pretty chilly outside. So pack the necessities for all weather conditions. It was common to have no elevator in the hotels. We had to carry our luggage up hundreds of flights of stairs within those three weeks-train stations, off and on metros, and off and on trains. If I could go back, I would pack a 24″ suitcase only halfway full. So I could bring back souvenirs. Any suitcase larger than 24″ is unnecessary. You will regret it so much.
  2. Try all the food!!! You will seriously come across some of the most amazing foods. TRY IT. Try it all. Drop your dietary restrictions for those three weeks. Just do it. I promise you will remember it forever.
  3. On this trip you are encouraged to make friends with all of the people in the class. I think it is important to be nice and social. BUT, at the end of the day, this is your trip. Be around the people you enjoy being around. Don’t let others ruin your time.
  4. Bring tennis shoes. PLEASE, do not bring a pair of fashion platform sneakers. You will regret it. Bring comfortable shoes only. The second day of the trip we walked 12 miles.
  5. For me, this trip feels like such a once in a lifetime opportunity. I wonder if I will ever get to cross the ocean again. So if you feel the same, make the most out of it. Go meet locals, try new things, have fun. Make the most out of it. This may be your last chance after all.