Before going to Spain, I had heard about the amazing fruit from multiple people. They went on and on about how it is one of the top foods I need to try while studying abroad. However, I had never realized that fruit could be this amazing and tasteful. Luckily for me, our study abroad planned a visit to a tropical fruit farm on the outskirts of Salobrena, Spain. The farmer took us on a tour of his farm operation. It was a small family farm that produced multiple different types of fruit. This includes and is not limited to Avocados, Bananas, Cherimoya, Nisperos, etc. After the farm tour, he picked fresh fruit and cut it up for us. Let me begin by saying, Cherimoya is the BEST fruit anyone can have in this world. It is a special fruit that is produced only in Peru and Spain. In English, it means custard apple. That is the best way to describe the taste and texture of this fruit. However, this was not the only fruit he gave us. He prepared a special plate for everyone and gave us instructions on the order we need to eat the fruits. The first step was to eat the Avocado, Orange, and Apricot salad. It was an interesting mixture but went together way better than it sounds. The second step was to eat the Bananas. These Bananas were so much better than any Banana you can get from a U.S. grocery store. It was so much sweeter than any other Banana I have ever tasted. The third step was the fresh Guacamole on a piece of bread. The fourth and fifth steps were Nisperos and the Tomato Jam inside of an Avocado. The best way to describe the taste of the Nisperos is like a Sour Patch Kid. It was extremely sour when you first bit into it and then it was sweet. Overall, this experience with the fruit of Spain was exceptional. If I know anyone that is going to Spain, the first thing I will tell them is to try all of the fruit. It is an experience like no other.