If you don’t want to make the same mistake I did, adjust your budget. Whatever you think is “enough” for food, if you can, bring more. Get a summer job and save up if you can. Whatever you need to do because my oh my. If I could go back to Europe, I would have brought so much more money for food. Every day you have the opportunity to try new foods that you have never had before. The options are limitless. Everything is so fresh and delicious. Dishes that I have had in America attempted to replicate the flavors, but none compare to the authentic dish. Italian pastas to French pastries, the real thing is impossible to beat! In Europe, even the food selection in vending machines is wonderful. Many places have assorted prepared dishes that you can self serve onto plates/ containers and pay a set price for the plate. This allows you to try a little bit of everything. Sample platters in restaurants are also great options. I made sure to try a few restaurant specials, and they were definitely special. My favorite meal abroad was a burger with spinach, tomatoes, goat cheese, Dijon mustard, and honey. Honey on a cheeseburger was a combination that never would have crossed my mind, but it was the most delicious burger I have ever had. A second favorite food in Europe was gelato. I had had it in America before, but fresh is just so much better. I tried coconut, lemon, hazelnut, and strawberry. A great cheap meal in Italy was Margherita pizza. Its a simple pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil. The best kind is made with buffalo mozzarella. The colors of the pizza (green, red, and white), are that of the Italian flag. Italian pastas were also great. Every country we visited had foods they were well known for, and they did not disappoint. Even if I couldn’t sight see, I would travel back to Europe just for the food.