We leave for Scotland in mere hours and I am not sure what emotions I’m supposed to have. I have never been out of the country, I have barely been out of the tri state area except on a few, rare occasions so no one emotion has hit me yet. I am excited to go to Scotland, I’m nervous about flying for not only the first time, but also flying for eight hours and I’m a little worried because my mother dearest has been more worried about this trip than I have. I have always wanted to travel and see other places but I’ve never had the money or the ability to make it happen, so I am grateful for this great college and the opportunities that are continually available for me.

Alright, so let’s take a step back and talk about how I got here. I come from a farm family with a close-knit family so I didn’t want to travel to far away from home to go to college. I began at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural college, but during my time there I heard about UGA Tifton campus and the ability to complete my college career there which has always been a dream of mine. Now being at UGA many friends have talked about their study abroad trips and I wanted to take advantage as well If given the opportunity so when I heard about this trip to Scotland I signed up as fast as I could for the trip of a lifetime.

Now back to the trip, we have a short time until we depart and I know very little about where I am going. I am so excited to see the people, to hear the accents, to just adventure in a place that I have never been before and may never be able to go back to. Now I don’t know much about where we are going except what I have attempted to look up and the pictures I have seen, but pictures do not tell the whole story so I am thrilled to start my trip and in hopes of many more.