Today has been eventful! I finally made it to the airport. This is my very first time flying so checking in and getting to where I needed to be has been quite the experience. It’s been a very hectic past couple weeks. Between midterms and homework, I feel like I’ve been going like crazy. Although Uruguay will be busy, I am so excited for the experience! I have a lot of thoughts racing through my mind: what if I forgot this? Or that? Luckily the most stressful part is over. I made it through the check-ins and kept up with my passport. Now I just get to sit and wait until we leave. I’m a little nervous, but mostly super excited to fly. As I prepare to leave, I am mostly thinking about how cool it is that I get to spend my break learning about agriculture in another country. I have had a lot of cool experiences the past few months between traveling to numerous nationally known livestock shows across the country, but I have never gotten to experience agriculture outside of the United States. I am eager to see what is different and how it compares to agricultural practices at home. Thinking about all the things I get to learn and take away from this experience is very humbling. I cannot wait to take what I learn and bring it back with me.

For now, I am going to relax at the airport and take it all in! I’ll see you soon, Uruguay!