One of the common things that I kept seeing on brochures for different Study Abroad trips offered were groups of students eating incredible food. France is known around the world for its gourmet cuisine and fresh ingredients. While I was extremely excited to go on the study abroad to catch a break from one of the most academically challenging semesters I’ve had yet. I was surprised that within 24 hours of landing in Toulouse, we as a group were already learning how to cook gourmet food. Our professors had purposefully scheduled this cook-it yourself class as an icebreaker for all of us to start to know each other. As someone who thoroughly enjoys cooking as a form of relaxation, I have never had so much fun learning from a professional chef. Over the course of the trip, I got to taste duck (a common staple in the French diet) prepared many different ways. I remember a small group of us had decided to go to Barcelona for the first weekend. Little did I know that the cuisine that we would end up eating on the beach would rival any seafood dish I have ever had before. Our last group meal we had ended up being the best duck and lamb chop I have ever eaten. Using the help of our French teacher from the local university we were studying at (ENSAT) we were able to secure a reservation at one of the most premier restaurants in Toulouse overlooking the whole skyline. If after reading through these blog posts you are still undecided about whether or not to go on a study abroad trip hopefully the world-class cuisine will make it an easy choice. Looking back over the trip, I’m glad I never once ate at an American chain restaurant while abroad even though it was tempting to save myself the embarrassment of trying to string together a sentence in French to order a meal. You learn quickly that even if you mess up, the food that they bring out is still out of this world.

Bacon Wrapped Duck Filet – (Far Left Photo)

Salade Verte – French Green Salad (Middle Photo)

Spanish Paella (Far Right Photo)