Before entering the program, I already had many friends going on the trip. I had fully planned on spending my time with those people. Upon our arrival in London, I began to talk to two girls who were different majors than the rest of us on the trip. We decided to travel to London together for the day. I was a complete stranger to them. Deciding to go out of my comfort zone and wander with new friends was the greatest decision that I made on the trip! Instantly we became very good friends. By the end of the trip we were inseparable and still, are good friends at home now. My advice to anyone studying abroad would be to go out of your comfort zone and meet new people. It could end up being the most rewarding part of your trip! Also, do not be afraid to roam a new city. Make an itinerary if you are on a limited schedule and stick to it. You will be tired but you won’t talk about the memories you got from going to take a nap at the hotel. You will remember the joy from all of the places that you got to see that many people only see on the internet!