Dumfries, Scotland is the small town that we taught our lessons in. Each day, we walked from our hotel to Troqueer Primary School bundled up just enough that as soon as we stepped foot in the school, we started sweating.

Our first day in Dumfries we spent inside the school observing classrooms and getting a feel for how we would need to adapt our lessons to fit our classes.

Between the teachers, students, the head teacher, and the environment as a whole. my personal goals of becoming a teacher became stronger.

Not only did I reaffirm the fact that I love teaching elementary aged students, but during this trip I was ready to graduate and move to Scotland to teach at that exact school.

The involvement that students had within their school, the recognition they get from the community, the attitude and responsibilities that they had: it is exactly the type of environment that I want to be a part of.

Not only was it positive and engaging, but it was out of my comfort zone in a way that made a difference of how I view educational programs.