This day was all about olives, olive oils, and olive oil tasting. Spain is the number one producer of olive oil, so being at this olive grove was special. We first started off with a tour of the olive grove, then we went on a tour of the olive oil processing facility, and ended with olive oil tasting. The biggest takeaway I took from this experience was the difference between extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil– extra virgin olive oils has an aroma and antioxidants while virgin olive oils lack an aroma. With this fact in mind we went to taste extra virgin olive oil. Before tasting, the man who owns the olive grove told us of the three characteristics to look for when tasting: an aroma, taste on the tongue, and a burning sensation in your throat. When it came time to tasting I was most looking forward to this said burning I would experience in my throat. To my surprise once the olive oil reached my throat I coughed a little due to the strength of the olive oil. At the end I realized that I liked the milder tasting olive oil over the stronger one. We then learned that people in Spain preferred the stronger olive oil compared to the milder one that many Americans prefer.