Our time in Uruguay has been extremely busy, but I’ve loved every second. We learned a great deal at the dairy farm. I was extremely interested to see what kind of cattle they had as well as how they deal with heat abatement. The dairy farmer was super knowledgeable and happy to answer our questions. I loved seeing how different their Holstein x Jersey crosses were from the cattle we see here at home. They are much more moderate in their frame size to reduce feed costs, which is a really interesting concept to me.

Although the week isn’t over yet, my favorite stop has been the one from tonight! We visited a man name Jose’s cattle and sheep operation. He also raises very nice Criollo horses for working cattle; the icing on the cake was that we got to ride them! We rode them out through the pastures and watched the sunset. It was absolutely breathtaking. After our ride, we ate dinner with Jose and his family. It was a fun time full of great food and good friends. I cannot wait to tell everyone back home about what a fun time I am having!