I imagined every aspect of this trip being overwhelming, but instead…it’s been over the top rewarding; the places, the people, and the experience. We’ve been able to walk down some of the country’s oldest streets, experience homemade bread at every meal, and talk with some of the most passionate cattle farmers. I look around me and everyone seems shocked. At first I thought it was the reality of culture shock, but then, after a few days of processing and reflection, I decided that this “look of shock” was rooted in an entirely different reaction. We had been dropped into the middle of a dream. The land took long strides with leveled and hilly terrain; it produced knowledge and understanding and put on display the heart of many. We have spent days and nights building relationships with farmers and families, and every second spent together gives a more honest glimpse into this beautiful country. We’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime and I never want to leave.