I studied abroad in Italy with the Viticulture and Enology Maymester program. The focus of the program is on the science behind growing grapes and techniques but also has a heavy focus on wine and the wine-making process. Before this trip, I only had wine a few times. I honestly didn’t care for it at all and didn’t know anything about wine. I mainly chose this program because of the grape side of it and because I was more interested in crop production. As we began to learn about wine, it became very interesting to me and my appreciation for it grew. There is so much that goes into making wine, and it is truly an art. We also had wine tastings most afternoons that were focused on different categories of wine. The professors showed us how to analyze different aspects of the wine such as color, aroma, flavor, body, and finish. They showed us how to notice different aromas in the wine. As we practiced noticing these different aspects and as I learned what to look for, I began to actually enjoy tasting wine. There were some that I didn’t necessarily like, but I still looked forward to the wine tastings. We went through many wines, so I was able to determine which type of wines I liked and didn’t like. They also showed us how to notice different problems with a wine. We were responsible for taking notes on the wines we tasted, which wasn’t hard to do, and at the end of the trip, I was able to refer back to my notes and order wine to have sent back home. I never thought I would end up doing that, but I now enjoy having a glass of wine from time to time and feel prepared to try different wines here in the U.S. and know what aspects to look for.