The week before leaving for Spain I was incessantly questioning why I voluntarily put myself through the stress of traveling to another country. I had spent $1,600 on a round-trip plane ticket and $2,000 on a program fee and that didn’t even include all the souvenirs and extra food I would be tempted to buy once I got there. I felt incredibly anxious about the whole trip and once it hit me that I was traveling to a foreign country, I imagined every single thing that could go wrong, from missing my plane to losing all my belongings to being stranded in the middle of Spain, every worst possible scenario was racing through my mind on the drive to the airport. Once I got to the airport, I was able to easily get through security and find my gate with no problems, two things I imagined going wildly wrong turned out to be way easier than expected. Well, turns out the whole trip ended up being this way. I returned from Spain about a week ago and I’m laughing at how stressed I was about the whole experience.

The program directors and academic advisors did an amazing job at educating us in Spanish food production, while also keeping us entertained and immersing us in Spanish culture. Overall, I felt very safe and I am very pleased with the pricing and itinerary of this program. I have no regrets about this trip and would highly suggest this program to anyone interested in studying abroad.