Its been a few days since coming back from Costa Rica and I have finally readjusted to my school schedule. This trip was pretty much the most amazing experience that I have ever had! I have met so many great people, made new friends, and can talk for hours about the production of cacao. (Between you and me, I’m taking a break from chocolate after this trip).

Whether you want to eat a bunch of chocolate, go zip lining across mountains, or just want to escape your family for the holidays, this trip is perfect. I have learned so much about the country side of Costa Rica and think more about where produce, such as pineapples and coconuts, actually come from. On this trip, I have met the people who provide cacao for Mars, Hershey’s, and global chocolate competitors. Its weird to thing of how much effort is put toward the production of such a staple in our diets.

I have loved every moment of this trip and I can’t wait to have the chance to go back to Costa Rica! The only thing left to say is PURA VIDA!

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