My most favorite part of the entire trip was the visit to the Galapagos Islands.  This was what I had been waiting for throughout the entire trip, honestly, because I had always dreamed of visiting, since I was a child.  We flew into San Cristobal, where we stayed in a hotel with a beautiful view of the water.  There were sea lions everywhere, and you could hear them from inside the hotel room talking to each other as they slept on the shore.  We went snorkeling and snorkeling and more snorkeling!!! Even though we did this a lot, I thought it was extremely fun because it was my first time ever.  We were able to see so many cool fish and sea turtles!  One of our snorkeling adventures we had was snorkeling around Kicker Rock, which was in the open ocean!  We spent two days in San Cristobal before heading to Isabela.  The plane ride over was so amazing, because we were able to ride in a ten-seater plane, including the pilot.  In Isabela, we snorkeled a little bit more, but this time we also took a bike ride up a mountain to see an outlook with 360° views.  On the ride up the mountain, we were able to stop many times to see wild turtles crossing, eating, and stopping in the road.  Here, we also went kayaking, which was really fun because we got to see some penguins that had traveled to the islands.  We went to a turtle breeding facility that also included a museum as well.  After the short time in Isabela, we took a two-hour boat ride to Santa Cruz, the final island.  Here we were able to relax and do a few hikes and strolls.  We were also able to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, which is also another turtle breeding facility!  All in all, I really enjoyed the Galapagos, and I’m so glad I was able to experience this!