As I sit here in the international terminal of the Atlanta airport typing my last blog entry, I can’t look back without realizing how blessed and grateful I am for the opportunity of a lifetime. Without the gracious support of my scholarship donor, the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and my faculty professors, none of this would’ve been possible. While spending a month in Toulouse has created some wonderful memories and broaden my knowledge of international agriculture, I’m excited to apply the information in my upcoming summer classes. As I recover from jet lag, I’m excited to start my next class tomorrow called Issues in Animal Agriculture that will be building on what I have just learned by looking into the factors that affect consumers demand and agricultural policy. This trip has truly been an amazing experience that focused on learning outside the classroom and connecting students with a different view of Agriculture. While I thoroughly enjoyed the memories I made while abroad, I did miss a few things from back home such as a well-marbled Angus steak, ice cubes, and air conditioning.

To any future or current students contemplating about signing up for a study abroad trip, I highly encourage you too. It is a wholesome experience that cannot be duplicated by yourself. The behind-the-scenes tour of private farms and government research stations could not have been done without the connections of the University. I remember my parents telling me the one thing they regretted not doing in college was going on a study abroad trip. Going now while a student in college allows you to get course credit while making lifelong friends in the process. Which in my book is time and money well spent. This trip has only deepened my interest to learn more about global agriculture and return in the future to experience other parts of Europe. As I prepared to start my senior year, I can say without a doubt that this has been my most memorable experience as a student at the University of Georgia.