With one week down and a little over half of one to go, my heart is so happy. We spent most of this week in Athens, Greece and it has been nothing short of amazing. The food, the lectures, the tours and everything in between have all combined to help me begin to immerse myself in the Greek culture. Every meal has been so fresh and delicious it is unreal. Everything is shared at the dinner table and it is so different from anything I have ever experienced. People actually sit and talk to each other while enjoying a meal. It has been interesting trying to get accustomed to the different eating times of later lunches and dinners. But, I am starting to like the entire atmosphere of Greek and Mediterranean dining.

I have seen so many monuments I could have only dreamed of seeing in person as an elementary school student learning about world civilizations. I still cannot fathom that I was able to see the Acropolis with my own eyes. The Parthenon is a major staple in Greek culture and architecture around the world and even around our own campus in Athens, Georgia. I never truly realized how much of our city is based on Greek architecture. I cannot wait to get back and see how all of our buildings have been influenced by Greek culture!

We are currently on the way to beautiful Santorini with the best tour guide ever. Not only am I excited for all of the breathtaking scenery of the island, but I am also excited to hear about the history and way of life there. Our tour guide and professors have already mentioned some of the best wine in the world is made in Santorini. I am excited to see and taste all that the island has to offer. They also mentioned it was not affected too harshly by the financial crisis since tourism is so strong there. It will be interesting to discuss this in lectures after the weekend is over. It was so heartbreaking seeing most of the shops in Athens closed and I hope to see that the islands are in much better shape!

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