To say that my trip to Uruguay was anything other than the best trip of my life, I would be lying. This trip has allowed me to develop a new appreciation for grass-fed beef production and the global cattle industry as a whole. Not only did I have the chance to see production practices that we don’t implement in the United States, but I was also given the opportunity to speak with the producers who are implementing those practices. The experiences that I had while in Uruguay are going to allow me to improve my cattle operations production capabilities and others who I have the opportunity to share this information with. As well, this trip has allowed me to add one more experience that I will share with my future students in an attempt to educate the next generation of agriculturalist.

I will be honest, I was not looking forward to  leaving Uruguay at the end of the trip. Not only was I learning useful information, but I was enjoying the beautiful sights and culture of this unique country. While I was initially very anxious about this trip,  I must admit with full confidence that I would be willing to travel back tomorrow if given the opportunity.  While I’m not sure my family would approve of this because of how much they missed me, I know that they would be just as excited for my next experience as they were for this one. I look forward to my next international trip and the knowledge I gain from it.