Academics here in Germany are very different than they are at UGA. It is interesting to see how other countries organize their academic system. For example, in Germany the entire semester is lectures. No exams, no papers, no projects or anything. This is true up until the end of the semester. Our grade depends on one exam. It is very different and a bit scary because at UGA we are used to having the “cushion” grades. However, this opens up schedules tremendously. Throughout the semester there is time to do just about anything. This is the best part about it because traveling is easy and spending time with new friends is also much easier with no worries about homework or any exams.

The subjects at my school here in Germany are very similar to the ones at UGA which is very convenient. It is really amazing to learn about the same subjects from a different point of view. Many students have opinions about our government and the way that the United States operates certain sectors. It is incredible to learn about all of the different views about the world. My favorite subject right now is my Agricultural Policy class. This class is mostly made up of German students and we get the opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions on many subjects. It is a great way to open up and learn more about the world, which I enjoy very much.

I have learned that there is so much to learn from other people and other cultures. This study abroad trip has definitely given me the chance to learn about agricultural sciences from many perspectives of people from all over the world.