I wanted to share one of the best days of the trip in my opinion. We traveled to a ranch outside of Trienta y Tres in Uruguay to a ranch called El Paraíso. The ranch was owned by a man named Jose. Jose opened up his home for us to learn about his cattle operation and rice farm. Out of 9,000 acres, only about 600 acres were used for rice, and almost all of the rest was used for cattle. Jose gave us a tour of his fields, showed us the rice, and also showed us his horses. He was very generous and allowed us to ride his horses through his pasture that contained Hereford calves. We met his son, Rodrigo, and his two nieces Josefina and Isabella. We visited with them after a soccer match and an amazing lamb dinner prepared over the grill. This part of the trip was truly unforgettable and the generosity of Jose and his family was second to none.