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Returning Home

When that plane finally touched the ground, returning to the States, I let out a deep sigh for many reasons. On one hand, I was glad to be home among the scenery and culture I was so familiar with and the friends and family that I love. But on the other hand, I sighed because it marked the end of an incredible adventure. It was the end of a month long journey filled with amazing moments like spending my 23rd birthday in Scotland, witnessing awe-inspiring historic monuments like the Colosseum or Stonehenge, beautiful works of art like the Sistine Chapel and the Mona Lisa, breathtaking gardens such as Monet’s Garden at Giverny that got my green thumb itching to do some planting.

But in other ways, it marked the beginning of new journeys. I’ll never forget traveling around Europe with the amazing group of friends I made on the trip where we roamed around places like Paris and London (among plenty of other cities) looking for fun things to do, and the end of this trip marked the beginning of new friendships back here in the States with all of them as we all try to keep in touch.

The end of this study abroad trip was also the beginning of a fresh perspective I now have on so many different aspects of life in general including politics, social relations, and even coming out of my own shell and gaining confidence. Although I may be glad to be home, I don’t value any other experience I’ve had in my life more than I value my study abroad adventure.