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After spending over three weeks abroad I was ready to be home. I have been abroad before and my time out of the United States had caused me to conceive the notion that the world exists in a strange paradox of being both big and small. My time in Costa Rica has solidified these musings. It affirmed the world as being ‘small’ by showing me, first of all, geographically I was only a five hour flight from a completely different country. Small also, in the sense that though our cultures, customs, history, and geographic locations are different, people at their core are very similar. Whether we be privileged students from a renowned American university or workers detached from the comforts of the first world, we are all people just trying to survive and pursue happiness while doing so.

The world is also ‘big’ in the sense there are endless possibilities to be who and what you want to be in a myriad of places from the limited glimpses of the world I’ve had the privilege to catch, I sometimes feel frighteningly small and insignificant, like a child exploring a museum. The building is vast, full of exhibits that I view reverently, but do not yet have the mind to appreciate their depth nor comprehend their meaning, but, nonetheless, I explore onward in hopes one day their secrets will be revealed to me. This world is full of treasures and truths awaiting to be discovered by those brave and tenacious enough to unlock them.