To many the idea of leaving your home country and traveling overseas may first seem frightening. The thought of being in a new place surrounded by new people and a culture far from your own can make some uneasy. This may cause feelings of anxiety and you might contemplate on quitting the expenditure altogether. However, for me, interestingly enough, I embraced this opportunity head on. From the moment I heard about the Avian Biology program, to when I filled out the application and got accepted. I recognize that quite often in life we will experience true joy and happiness outside of our comfort zones. It is here where fight or flight kicks in, and I am not one who is willing to give in to flight. My parents were both in the army for 20+ years so I understand that I can be quite the enigma when it comes to things such as these. As the day of departure drew near I prepped myself by researching and familiarizing myself with places we would go in Costa Rica and the many activities we would participate in. Of course no amount of information can leave you fully prepared for a new experience, but gathering as much knowledge as possible can give you the confidence and assurance in knowing that there’s nothing to fear!