The purpose of the Avian Biology study abroad program was to invite students to not only gain a new cultural experience in multi-diverse world but to place us into the heart of the country itself and indulge in the wildlife around us. Allowing us to see these marvelous creatures in their natural habitats. Learning about their specific languages and behaviors without disturbing them. Currently I am co-majoring in Avian Biology and Ecology and aspire to one day be a wildlife conservation veterinarian. I dream of one day traveling from sea to sea in the efforts of slowing down and potentially reversing the the many  species that face, due to anthropological pursuits, extinction everyday. I believe that many, not all, people are unaware of the mass exploitation of animal and plant life or have simply loss all care on the matter. Everything in our world calls for balance and our day to day activities as humans has shifted this balance within our world. Without this balance our world can crumble beneath us to the point of no return.

Exploring the many environments that this beautiful country had to offer and getting up close and personal with all of the different species, specifically the avian, solidified my dreams and aspirations on going out into the world to further help and conserve the detrimental effects of mankind.