The trip has been crazy so far! Everything in Ecuador is so fascinating and beautiful. Our group is sitting in the airport in Quito, waiting to go to the Galapagos Islands. The trip is ending, and this is the perfect finish.

While on mainland Ecuador, I have seen and touched so many bugs. I am slightly resentful, but at the same time I stepped out of my comfort zone. I have seen some really cool bugs. Cool for colors or body structure. My favorite was a caterpillar (which technically the larval stage of butterflies) that looked like it had a mohawk. The critter moved slowly and it looked like brown hair brought to a peak. The butterfly it turns into is beautiful, as most are. Besides touching the insects (bugs isn’t even the scientifically correct term), I have learned so much about them in the course taught by my TAs. I know a fair amount of orders of insects and can often name them on sight. This new knowledge hasn’t caused me to change my major, I’m not that into insects.

I am told that the islands have no bugs, which will be a refreshing change. But I am most excited to go snorkeling every day and see all the marine life. I have read so much about how beautiful the Galapagos Islands are and I am so blessed to be able to see all of this in real life. As soon as we land I think we are all changing and going snorkeling right off the beach! I love being in water and I love turtles, so the rest of the trip will be true euphoria.