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Cortona Reflection

Home from Cortona and finally rested from the non-stop month full of excitement, new experiences, and fun times, I am finally able to reflect on my past few weeks in Italy. A few things that definitely come to mind are 1) the dreaded Cortona hill, which is probably a blessing in disguise (mandatory daily workout), 2) the CARBS (bread, pasta, bread, pizza, more bread), and 3) the beautiful sights and scenery that I was so blessed to be able to see every day for a month. Oh, and I cannot forget about the wine! I have yet to taste a wine in the States that even compares to the wine from Italy (patiently waiting for my case of wine from Italy to be delivered.) I learned so much on my Maymester from the classes, the experiences, and simply from being in a new country. I am so incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity of studying abroad because I learned so much about myself and a new culture that I never would have learned otherwise.